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Indian Marriages in present world in comparisons to old times

Indian Marriages in present world in comparisons to old times
Traditionally majority of Indian weddings were planned quickly by parents with minimal personal preferences of the bride and groom. But today, concepts have massively evolved where importance to personal choices of the individuals and families are considered to scrutiny before fixing lagan. In old times weddings were arranged on the basis of significance of family recognition with least importance to compatibility. Whereas a life partner today is someone with whom one can share interests and who encourages independence. Friendship is the integral part of any relationship. Right Communication from the beginning helps to ensure a lasting, loving partnership. Marriage is a beautiful companionshipto live with lifelong.

Old Mantras
In Indian history marriage was thought sacred belief for flourishing of the family and creating a family tree. Generally Standing and religion of two families where taken into consideration to tie knots of two unknown individuals. Few more concepts may be interacted to make the decision for marriage but no detailed study was given importance. Later, many a times their relationship turned into compromises or unpleasant relations of the couple. Confined and limited interaction had been the setback for such circumstances. This process of arranging marriage brought unpredictable relationship for future.

New Mantras
Today marriages in India are efficiently and successfully planned with the help of matrimonial solutions. All aspects that are important for considerations are elaborately discussed and presented in suitable manner. At present, listing of attributes required in life partner is primarily thought which helps in better focus of the search. Depending upon preferences, some factors that are now consciously taken into consideration are – work, income, educational qualifications, appearance, caste, religion, horoscope, values (traditional, liberal or moderate), habits (drinking, smoking, etc.),medical status, location, family background, social standing, etc.
Decisions for marring an individual may be taken with parents, friends, matrimonial guides or self-influence but are definitely very well scrutinized in present world. Interactions through meetings, emails and phones are helpful to discover the personality of each other.

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