Thursday, 15 June 2017

Reasons of AMS Success – Honesty, Faithfulness, self-confidence, Efficiency and Hard work

Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions

Reasons of AMS success – Honesty, Faithfulness, self-confidence, Efficiency and Hard work

Aarshi Matrimonial Solutions Celebratedextravagantly their 7th annual day in a unique way. Unfolding the stories of royal Maharajas’ like Bahubali, Bajirao Mastani, Mugal E Azam at Madhuban Hotel in Greater Kailash-1 on 9th June 2017. Program started with Ganesh vandana, welcome of Judges and guests; continued with cultural performances and competition of three teams, awards and rewards were presented and followed by lunch.
“Dream to Cream, A frame to picture, A light to limelight, a day to remember, the ecstatic extravaganza of AMS”.

On 7th annual function of Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions, Various performances were presented like dance, drama, singing, comedy and social affairs. Witt, acts on special significance to female embryo abortion, India- Pakistan sensitive issues, Father and child pious relationship etc. The astonishing performances of the staff members of AMS, captured hearts of guests and judges.
In the event Mr. Ravi Kalra founder of Earth Foundation, NGO had spread awareness for good humanity with their few words. They were presented with monetary and food grocery audible aids for NGO by AMS.

 Impeccable approach of Ms. Aarshi Jain is that “AMS will not only make matches but will host the search as their own family members to make the process beautiful in searching the right match. Thus, AMS aims to deal with great hospitality.

The efforts done by the stuff for the event is praiseworthy. As they have performed outstandingly well to leave impressions of their acts forever to everyone present in the event. This expresses Ms. Aarshi jain’s inclination towards empowering great source of encouragement and guidance to the staff in all spheres. Congratulations to AMS.